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Discover new possibilities of light creation Bring your LED lighting projects to life, take control and bring your ideas and projects to life.

Smart LED lighting

LED technology is standing out in interior LED lighting installations as well as in exterior LED lighting.

The new LED lighting systems allow the creation of exclusive spaces where lighting control is an essential part of the environment, creating immersive and dynamic spaces.

ArtNet Pixel Controllers

In 2013, in response to the needs of LED Pixel digital control systems, deskontrol electronics was born in Valencia - Spain

Experts in ArtNet Pixel Controllers for Digital LED Pixels and Digital LED Strips

At deskontrol electronics, we are specialized in LED Lighting Control systems.

We are manufacturers of LED Pixel Controllers, designed for the individual control of Digital LEDs.

deskontroller LITE ArtNet Pixel Controller, ArtNet LED Controllers designed for individual control of digital LED Pixels.

Electronics manufactured in Europe under the ISO9001 standard.


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