The most powerful and precise compact controller

deskontroller LITE V3 32 is designed to handle 32 Art-Net universes with the highest level of performance.

Up to 102 FPS / Frame time >= 9.8 mS normal mode.

Up to 102 FPS / Frame time >= 9.8 mS turbo mode. Simple output connections by CAT6 UTP cable.

Firmware Update tool available.

More than 100 different types of IC LEDs supported

Designed and manufactured in Europe under ISO9001

Supported Art-Net I, Art-Net II, Art-Net III, Art-Net IV 

Compatible with any software that supports DMX-ArtNet Ethernet protocol

Some of the most important programs that support ArtNet Ethernet protocol:

Madrix, Resolume, MadMapper, TouchDesigner, VVVV, Lightjams, Enttec light mapper, MA, Chamsys, MagicQ PC, LightFactory, xLights, LXconsole, Glediator, Qlight, Jinx, Mapio, and any software or console that supports the Art-Net® protocol.

Simple output system with up to 100m of UTP cable

With CAT6 UTP cables, using the RJ45 adapters included, making an installation is much easier.

Use CAT6 UTP cable distances up to 100 meters from the deskontroller LITE outputs.

Clockless leds - 4 Ports of 1Universe/Line Each dapter

Leds with Clock - 2 Ports of 2 Universes/Line Each Adapter

Additional configuration tools through web browser.

deskontroller LITE V3 incorporates multiple control tools and facility to check the installations.

Device info: Information of firmware version, serial number, etc

Network: Configuration of IP address, subnet mask and gateway

Art-Net: Configuration of universes number, subnet, net address.

Output: Configuration of universes, framerate, chipset type, order color, etc.

Color: Configuration of color gamma correction RGB, RGBW

Preferences: Configuration of visuals preferences and access to FIRMWARE UPDATE

Output test: Facilitate your installation by checking pixel by pixel of all ports of all outputs.

Discover: Locate and configure from the setup, Art-Net devices connected to the network.

Status: Real-time information of the ArtNet data, framerate and quality of the Art-Net signal.

Test effects: Different pre-programmed effects with stand alone operation.

New "FIRMWARE UPDATE" tool, always enjoy the latest firmware version.

In the simplest way, in a minute, update your deskontroller LITE V3 to the latest firmware version and always enjoy all the improvements.

As simple as uploading a file from the "UPDATE" application accessible with your usual web browser.

More than 100 different types of IC LEDs supported

APA102(C) , DotStar , APA104 , APA106(F8)(F5) , APA107 , APA109

Custom(8Bits/color) , Custom(8Bits/color)Rev.Pol.

D705 , D707 , D708 , DM412 , DM413

CS8812, GE8812 , GE8822 , GS8206 , GS8208

HD107S , INK1002(B) , INK1003

LC8805B , LC8808B , LC8812(B) , LC8822 , LC8823 , LD1510-12Bits , LD1510-8Bits

LPD1101 , LPD1882 , LPD1886 , LPD6803 , LPD6813 , LPD8803 , LPD8806

NS107(S)(SA) ,NS108(E)

P9813 , P9816 , P9823(F8)(F5) , P9883 , PB3xxxxxx , PC4xxxxxx , PC5xxxxxx , PD9823 , PL9823

SC6803 , SK6805 , SK6812 , SK6813 , SK6818 , SK6822 , SK9816 , SK9822(A) , SK9826

SM16703 , SM16704 , SM16711 , SM16716, SM16726 , SM16726

TM1803 , TM1804 , TM1809 , TM1812 , TM1814 , TM1825 , TM1826 , TM1829 , TM1903 , TM1913 , TM1914 , TM1925 , TM1926

UCS1903 , UCS1904 , UCS2903 , UCS2904 , UCS2909 , UCS2912 , UCS3903 , UCS512Highspeed , UCS512Lowspeed , UCS5903 , UCS6909 , UCS6912 , UCS7009 , UCS8903 , UCS9812 WS2801 ,

WS2803 , WS2811 , WS2812, NeoPixel , WS2812B , WS2812C , WS2812D(F5) , WS2812S , WS2813(A)(B)(C)(D) , WS2814 , WS2815 , WS2818 , WS2821Highspeed ,

WS2821Lowspeed , WS2822Highspeed , WS2822Lowspeed , WS2851

And upgradeable to future types of led from the "FIRMWARE UPDATE"

Envío gratuito -Envíos 24h

Fabricado en Europa

5 años de garantía

30 días garantía money back

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