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16 universes, 8192 channels, 2720 pixels

MADRIX ® key basic supports Art-Net controllers deskontrol electronics

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MADRIX ® offers the perfect solution for clubs, DJs and VJs, bars, lounges, exhibitions, theater and conventions. The keywords for this comprehensive program light control are simple operation and intuitive graphical user interface and easy to use. Two pipes effect for purposes of programming and an output window will give direct access to the light effects. MADRIX ® driver array is independent, autonomous with automatic calculation of all effects in case of change of size array size or selection of other lighting fixtures.

With MADRIX ® Pixel Mapping has never been easier.

Analysis of real-time audio with amazing effects

The software analyzes music in real time.
MADRIX ® works automatically and synchronized with music. You can use digital sound processing based on WDM or ASIO with any audio source: audio-CD, discs, tapes, MP3, WMA, microphone, etc.

MADRIX ® is well equipped and includes a wide range of industry standards to set the industry standard in the software industry LED lighting control. Regarding DMX512, Art-Net, Art-Net II, Streaming ACN, Philips Color Kinetics, DVI, T9 and Urges AND ROBE, MADRIX ® offers users native support for dealing with this type of product easily. The software provides a high-quality output and easy access to simplify the process of working with the installation of LED.

Supported Operating Systems:
• Microsoft® Windows® XP (SP2)
• Microsoft® Windows® Vista
• Microsoft® Windows® 7
• Compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit

Minimum System Requirements:
• 2.0 GHz dual-core CPU
• 1024 MB RAM
• 500 MB free harddisk space
• Screen resolution of 1280 x 768
• Sound card (for Sound2Light & Music2Light)
• USB 2.0
• Windows XP requires Service Pack 2 (SP2)

Main Features
> LED Lighting Control Solution
> Effect Generator, Pixel Mapper, Media Server
> For LJs, VJs, and Other Lighting Professionals
> 16 DMX Universes
> Windows® Software
> High Program Stability & Reliability
> Possibility to Upgrade
> Test Version for Free!
> Support of Industry Standards & Protocols
> DMX512, Art-Net II, Streaming ACN, DVI, T9
> Philips Color Kinetics, Insta, ROBE protocols
> Art-Net Remote, DMX-IN, MIDI-IN, Remote HTTP
> Innovative Matrix Control
> User Friendliness & Usability
> Many Supported Interfaces
> Unique Visual Effects

Secondary Features
> Real-Time Audio Analysis (WDM or ASIO)
> Real-Time Effect Processing
> Real-Time Previews
> 2 Effect Pipelines
> Fixture Editor & Large Fixture Library
> Graphical Patch Editor
> Graphical Mapping Function
> Powerful Script Engine & Macro Editor
> Integrated Backup System
> Extra Touch Screen Window
> Various DMX Tools
> Cue List with MIDI Time Code (MTC)
> Video Support and Live Signal Capturing
> Image Animations
> Multilayer Technology
> Frequency Analysis, etc.


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16 universes, 8192 channels, 2720 pixels

MADRIX ® key basic supports Art-Net controllers deskontrol electronics

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